Clockwork Creature

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Care Instructions


The bodysuit can be laundered using Eucalan detergent. Turn the bodysuit inside-out to wash, and follow the hand-washing instructions on the bottle. Preferably, use lukewarm water.

Lay flat to dry, as hanging while wet can stretch and deform the bodysuit. Do not use a dryer.

Tails and gloves can usually be washed in the same manner as the bodysuit, but refer to your individual care instructions in case something would be damaged by laundering. Also, note that anything stuffed (such as a tail) will take a long time to dry, and should be hung in a warm, dry area with good air circulation to speed the process as much as possible.

The feet and mask need to be spot-cleaned if soiled. Do so with a small amount of a gentle detergent. Woolite can be used to remove tougher stains, but be warned that it may remove airbrushing.

The interior of the mask can be freshened, if need be, with an anti-microbial spray. Be careful not to spray the outside of the mask.


It is highly recommended that you wear an undersuit, consisting of some variety of sweat-wicking garment under the bodysuit, socks with the feet, and a balaclava under the mask. The balaclava is mostly for comfort and to hide your mouth, but it will help keep the inside of the mask cleaner. The other items are quite necessary (especially the socks, since the feet can’t be washed).


Be sure that all items are completely dry before storing.

If you are storing the costume in a container, be sure to keep the container in a cool, dry place, and preferably use a container that allows a bit of airflow. You can add a couple dryer sheets or similar fabric freshener to the container to make the costume smell especially nice.

Stuff the mask with a towel or a foam head to prevent any deforming that could occur. Do not rest heavy objects on the mask.

The bodysuit can be hung using a suitably sturdy coat hanger.

If you would like to display the mask or any other part in the open, be sure to do so out of direct sunlight. Dust the mask periodically with a canned air duster (like the kind used to clean keyboards).


Brush the costume pieces gently with a pet grooming brush, preferably before and after wearing, and after washing.

Fleece can be brushed with a de-pilling brush, or boar’s bristle brush to remove pills.

It’s not unusual for things to eventually come loose from general wear-and-tear. If the fix is complicated (or, simply, you would rather that we fixed it), feel free to send it back to us for repairs. Anything that comes loose or seems unstable during the first 90 days is covered by the warranty.