Clockwork Creature

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Policy FAQ

Q. What are your costume prices?

A. Please see our price estimator to get an idea of how much your project may cost. You can email us to get an official quote on your project, but please try the calculator first.

Q. Can I reserve a slot on a future production batch in advance? Can I send my down payment early?

A. You cannot reserve slots for future production batches in advance. You must wait until commissions open and send an application for a commission slot during the appropriate time. Likewise, please do not send a down payment prior to having reserved a commission slot, and receiving an invoice for the down payment. Please see the commission FAQ for more information.

Q. Can you take a rush order?

A. We are able to take limited rush orders, but for commercial ventures only at this time (film and television, stage shows, mascots, etc.). Rush orders are subject to a rush fee of anywhere from 50%-300% depending on timeframe, materials, and design. The non-refundable down payment is equal to the rush fee. You may also need to cover rush delivery charges.
Please note that certain materials (NFT, custom electronics, etc.) have a minimum lead time which may make them unavailable for especially short deadlines.

Q. I live outside the US, can I still commission? Are there any special arrangements that would need to be made?

A. We are more than happy to take international orders.

International customers are expected to pay for international shipping and insurance, which will be quoted based on location. Usually this is about $40 for small packages, or $70 for larger packages (this can vary based on location, insurance amount, and package size/weight). You may also be charged import duties and fees upon receiving your shipment.
We will not mark packages as “gift” to avoid customs fees, as this is illegal.
We have no control over what happens in international customs. There can be delays and/or fees, and we have no way of knowing what to expect because it varies by country, and other factors. Please be prepared to deal with your local customs office.

Q. Can I buy an incomplete mask from you that I can finish myself/pay someone else to finish?

A. No. We only sell complete products.

Q. Could I commission you to make a costume of anime/movie/comic book character X?

A. Unless you have secured the rights to have a costume of a copyrighted character made, we cannot legally do so. Also, there are many copyrighted characters (e.g. pokemon) that we have no interest in producing.

Q. I want to commission an item, but I'm also on a budget. Would you be willing to work within my budget?

A. In most cases, we would be happy to give you options that may fit within your budget. We will gladly discuss with you alternatives to your original idea, alternatives to more expensive features, and other things that can keep you within your budget. However, base prices are firm, and we will not haggle them lower.

Q. I really love such-and-such costume in your gallery, can I commission a copy?

A. No. Our costumes are one-of-a-kind, and we will never make reproductions. Not only would it be extremely boring to make the same thing over and over again, but we also don't have the rights to reproduce many of those characters.

Q. I'm looking for an animal costume in a more "toony" or mascot style. Can you do that?

A. No, we prefer to work in realistic, horror, and theatrical styles of costumes. Examples can be seen in our gallery.